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Elevate your digital conferencing with Stork's Call My Link, the premier AI-enhanced video meeting platform and a robust alternative to Zoom. Standing tall as a formidable challenger to popular platforms like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams, Stork enhances user experience by enabling hosting, capturing, searching, and summarizing of video calls seamlessly from one browser window. Every call gets an instant personal touch with your unique conference URL. All participants, regardless of their Stork user status, can playback audio and video calls directly from the web. Post-conference, participants receive automatic PDF transcripts without any constraints on call duration or transcript length. The real game-changer? Our AI-driven summary, offering a swift overview of extensive meetings. Additionally, sharing is a breeze; recorded calls, transcripts, and summaries can be effortlessly shared with anyone, making it perfect for collaborative projects and interviews. Choose Stork for unparalleled AI-integrated video conferencing. - WEB:
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